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Baby Haynes BIG Reveal- Gender Reveal Party { Tacoma Portrait Photographer, Tacoma, WA}


After a VERY exciting month of anticipating this moment, I could not wait for last Sunday to get here.  It could not have come faster if you ask me.  All the preparation , all the planning and all the excitment surrounding one of the most important annoucements of our lives our gender reveal party, girl or boy?!!  It was a beautiful day.  A bit cloudy, but no rain and no rain makes this girl very happy.

Our gender reveal had finally come and by the end of the day we would know whether we would be painting all blue or all pink.  As guest arrived, they were encouraged to pick a pink bow or a black mustache OR pink or blue mardi gras beads to distinguish their vote for gender.  It was so fun watching the room divide as people profess how they ABSOLUTELY knew one way or another what was in my belly.  All of their old wives tales, their rubbing of the belly reasoning.  Some even switched back and forth all night until they were forced to stick with and make a decision.  Thankfully, Ike and I got to teeter in the middle because we were the MOST unsure of everyone in the room.  Although I have known what I wanted for some time, I had no inclination either way whether that desire would come to be fulfilled.

guest hung out in the party booth, wrote Baby Haymes “love notes” for a baby scrapbook Isaiah and I are putting together, and signed a matte that will be the first picture.   We created a cravings table that included all the junk food I have grown to love and desperately want that last 6 months, which include Garrett’s Chicago Mix popcorn, Jolly Ranchers, the taste of cinnamon among other things.

Shout out to May Wyatt of Wyatt Ink and Paula Pritchard of Paisley Petals for all of their help planning out the little aesthetic details of the party!  All of the signage was designed and created by May and all of the little handmade touches were both found and created by Paula- including the party booth and the ribbon chandelier above the cupcakes!  Cupcakes are yummy Salted Caramel Cheesecake and Lemon Lavendar from Yellowleaf Cupcake Company in Seattle!

When Isaiah and I had our 19 week ultrasound we had the ultrasound technician seal the results in a envelope and we immediately, unbeknowst to us the results, took them to Seattle and handed them over to the bakery.  They then filled those two cupcakes that are set apart with the answer to the big question…..  what are we having??!  Isaiah and I planned this party to announce and find out the gender with our closest local friends.

As we prepared to find out, the room split in half…  Team Blue and Team Pink!

the big moment had finally arrived…….  We waited for this weekend in particular because this would be the week Ike and I would celebrate our birthdays, I would turn 30 and Isaiah 29 and what better present then a reveal like this???!

in the last minute leading up to the reveal I got scared, bit into the cupcake and closed my eyes.  I turned the cupcake to the crowd and waited for their reactions…..  as I heard big screams, I knew, I must have gotten my girl!

and this is how I chose to celebrate this very special and exciting moment… with a cake smash!

We were so excited and it was so fun to share this moment with 40 of our closest friends….

Team Pink celebrated with screams and laughter, while Team Blue had to admit a very tough defeat!

Isaiah and I are so blessed to have so many people in our lives who love us and who love our sweet little girl already, little Miss Wisdom Haynes who is making her AMAZING arrival into this world in the fall!  To say we are thrilled is a understatetment.  Thank you everyone for coming and celebrating this SPECIAL and EPIC moment with us!

All images above taken by: Chelle Nicole Photography

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and a fun video recap of the MOMENT we found out we were having our sweet girl taken by my dear friend Annie of Let It Shine Photography!  This is a moment I will never forget!


a few fun party booth images from people who love my girl below: