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Casey, a 2013 Christian Faith Schools Senior & LHP Street Team Member {Federal Way & Tacoma Senior Picture Photographer, Tacoma WA}

The Street Team

Casey is such a joy!  Her heart is so kind and her disposition so sweet!  We had such a blast running around the Port of Tacoma with Casey and her mom about a month ago in the beautiful twilight of a summer evening in July!  Casey and her mom were such troopers as we piled in and out of our car, changing and reflecting and literally hopping from abandoned train to abandoned train!  I love Casey’s smile and her laugh.  I couldn’t get enough of it!  Its so warm and radiates the personality that Casey shares with the world upon meeting her.
Casey, a 2013 Street Team member, was born and raised in Hawaii before finding her way to the mainland and goes back often to visit and relax on the beaches.  She’s athletic, plays volleyball and loves reading, baking and hanging with her friends around the bon fire.  We loved Casey because of her natural born leadership.  Casey has been serving her church as a volunteer since early youth and has been heavily involved with her school and leadership since 8th grade, admiral qualities to enter senior year with!   We are thrilled to watch Casey grow and develop this year and absolutely honored to have her as a part of our team!

If you are a senior who attends Christian Faith School, its never to early to book senior pictures!  Book through Casey and recieve a discount on your senior package!  For more information email latasha@photomelatasha.com