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Lindsey, a 2013 Tacoma Science and Math Institute Senior and a member of the LHP Street Team {Tacoma Senior Picture Photographer, Tacoma, WA}

The Street Team

Lindsey is a blassssst!!!  A gorgeous girl with a love for all things that I am terrible at SCIENCE AND MATH!!!  She also is a fish out of water and spends her time representing Wilson High School in and out of the water- when not studying at her own high school.
Lindsey was a blast to hang out with.  We found ourselves in urban alleyways as well as relaxing on the beach.  I love Lindsey’s session because it represents her best- laid back, relax, doing what she loves, chilling in her element.  The girl is stunning and LOOK AT THOSE eyes!!! cray!

We chose Lindsey for the 2013 Street Team because of her versatility and involvement in two different communities.  Lindsey brings a unique perspective to the street team, attending both SAMI and Wilson.  She is active in both her athletic endeavors and her academic pursuits and was visiting USC when she applied to be a part of the street team.   Lindsey represents all we want the street team to reflect, someone who is committed and passionate and cares about her community!

If you are a member of the Class of 2013 and attend SAMI or Wilson High School, its never too early to start thinking about senior pictures!  Hit up Lindsey for your portrait discount!