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Maddy, a 2013 Rogers HS Senior & LHP Street Team Member {Tacoma & Puyallup Senior Picture Photographer, Tacoma, WA}


Oh my gosh Maddy!  So beautiful and so talented!!  I loved shooting her and immediately fell in love with her cheerful spirit and warm attitude.   As you can see below, Maddy has the ability to completely enamor you and spending just the little time with her that I did I completely fell in love.
Maddy is a dancer, she loves ballet and it was fun seeing her flit and float around with me.  She is very family oriented and close to her mom and her siblings.  It was amazing watching them interact together during our session and encourage and compliment Maddy.

Those eyes…. hypnotizing right?!  That only breaks the surface of how amazing this girl is!  Maddy is active at her school, she is a part of the Concert Choir, as well as the ASL (American Sign Language) Club.  She is also a thespian, participating in every musical her high school has ever put on while attending school there.

One of the things that absolutely drew me to Maddy is her love for God.  In her application she said “Jesus is everything to me, he is the leader and lover of my life,” and it was very easy to see Christ’s incredible influence on her life just by spending those few moments with her.  I am thrilled to have Maddy on our Street Team and cannot wait to watch all of the amazing things she is going to do this year.

If you are a senior at Rogers High School, Maddy is your girl for your very own LHP discount, its never too early to start thinking about senior pictures!