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Personal: “Nothing You Desire Can Compare To Her…” – Proverbs 8:11 {Tacoma Wedding & Portrait Photographer, Tacoma WA}


Its Our Anniversary
I never would or could imagine that my own selfish plan for life would collide with God’s plan for my life and BOOM, today on five years of marriage we would be clearing out our closets, detailing our car, donating old clothes and furniture for newborn onesies and pacifiers to welcome our first born.

I met Isaiah 7 years ago on Myspace. If you follow us at all or even know us a little bit, you know that tiny little tidbit.  We did a long distance relationship for two years before we were finally married in 2007.  The day of my wedding (after spending a entire lifetime away from my birth family) at the age of 25, I finally was able to put my finger on who I was after being raised away from them in foster care.    That day was mind-boggling to me as two families came together and became one and as, for the first time, my eyes were opened to the oddities and uniqueness that made up me, simply by spending time with those people I would now call family.

Now today, five years later, after very carefully avoiding pregnancy for one reason or another: grad school, life was too much fun, designer jeans (I have a crazy obsession with labels on my bottom), selfishness, wanting to wait 5 years, we have gotten our wish and we approach this NEW phase of life in preparation to meet our little one.

Never in a million years would I have thought that last summer, sitting around a dinner table with our friends Annie & Aaron, celebrating their nuptials, that we would a short year later be on this journey.  I have always wanted children but never knew how I’d be able to manage being a mother and having a career.  I never desired to be a stay-at- home mom and never had met anyone that had successfully managed both roles: powerhouse business woman and committed mother and wife.

I love God though because His plans are perfect and He gives us the desires of our heart and teaches us how to make it work.  All the while, as I was figuring this all out in my head, God was sending women to me to show me how absolutely completely possible it indeed was and one by one in every meeting building me up to embrace motherhood and take it by the horns.

Little Miss Wisdom

The last 9 months have been a dream, besides some pretty grueling heartburn, and a very small and weak bladder, I realize what a joy and a gift conception is.  To know your baby is growing inside of you and to feel that first kick, to feel the shifting, to imagine and dream about their personality… so many women pray and wish for God to bless them or endure such challenging pregnancies,  even losing them and I wanted to, in every moment, just cherish the gift of life that God chose me to carry.  I apologize if at times I came across over enthusiastic, vain or like my baby was the only one that matter, in many ways that’s true, but not for the reasons anyone would think.

Wisdom is so special to Ike and I.  She means so much and carries so much hope and joy for our future.  Not in a “Toddler and Tiaras” sort of way, but in a “fresh-start-new-hope-chains-are-broken-and-I-am-free” kind of way.  You can read that post here.  I have waited my whole life to redeem the time and this sweet girl does just that. When naming her, we consider many different possibilities, but Wisdom ring so true and sounded so right, the thing (Wisdom) that has gotten me so far in life, the thing (Wisdom) that God says is more precious than jewels, the thing (Wisdom) that is desirable above all else, she already fits her name.

Nothing Compares to Her

A couple of weeks ago, Wisdom’s godmother flew into town to put on the most amazing and whimsical, dreamlike-party I have ever attended or participated in, let alone the guest-of-honor for.  When picking my brain to ask what I wanted to celebrate the birth of Wisdom, in terms of a shower,  my response :” a party that happens to be a baby shower, or a tea party where everyone dresses up and drinks tea and juices and wears pretty clothes and eats lots of desserts, I love desserts, and very little or no pink.”  I would have never guessed that she would be listening to my desires so intently and then bring them to life in such a way almost single-handedly.

I have never in my life felt so loved by a friend or a sister, so cherished, so thought of as I did that day.  I felt celebrated and honored and MORE than that I could feel the bondage, the generational curse completely fall off.  The weekend was filled with surprises that blew my mind, as if the party wasn’t enough.  Hair and makeup, pedis and manis, special meals, a beautiful dress flown in from overseas, a DJ, custom designer cupcakes, acoustic serenade by Brandon G of the BGP.  My sister, Melinda, listened to me on so many levels she was able to pull off flying in one of mine and Ike’s inspirations and favorite photographers from Brooklyn, NY to meet us and  photograph the shower, among so many other surprises including special guests who drove up to celebrate, videos and voice notes from people who I admire who I barely knew we existed, special “love notes” from special friends, family and colleagues in our lives to bless me as a new mother and Wisdom as she grows…..  but one of my favorite things of the entire day was the Birth Bead necklace.  Melinda had my guests bless beads and pray over them while adding them to a necklace for me to wear as I started labor and delivery  as a reminder of all of the people who would be praying for and supporting us through the process.  Those beads meant so much to me and I am excited to go into such a grueling process with so much prayer, love and support.

The day was filled with so much fun, musical chairs, lullaby writing competitions, baby food tasting, laughing, crying, hugging, good food, sugar overloads, very warm sun, lots of sweat and soooo much joy!   One of the things I have realized over the last 9 months is nothing is better than someone loving your child the way you do, cherishing, embracing and completely adoring your baby as if they were their very own.  Melinda has walked every minute of this journey with me, every high and the very few lows and I know that Wisdom will be so blessed with her as her godmother.  There is no one I trust more to do the job and I am so blessed for the women I know Wisdom will become with her help.

As we approach D-Day, I want to thank all of you as well!  You have been the most amazing support and encouragement.  Some of you I know well, some of you I have gotten to know over the last 9-months and the genuine care and outpouring for our baby has been almost more than I could comprehend or truly accept.  There is something so magical about her, so beautiful and I am so thankful that you have jumped in and shared our excitement every step of the way.  Thank you for your notes, your prayers, your sweet sweet words.  Thank you for your advice, your letters, your gifts, thank you for loving her.  Thank you for loving us.  Thank you for loving me.  I feel like this year we got a whole NEW family in our supporters and our colleagues and we are so excited to walk through this new adventure with all of you!  We love you and we cherish you!

Below a few pictures from Wisdom’s Tea Party themed “Nothing Compares to Her.”  A video recap from her amazing father, Isaiah and a slideshow from the very talented Josh and Anye Frith of Joshua Dwain Photography.  Truly words, videos, pictures are not enough to put into words the absolute spirit of that day but I pray that through these different mediums you get the idea.


Special love to a few folks who helped make that day one of the best of my life:

Melinda– there are NOT enough words to thank you for how much you mean to me and how special this day was… but I know that you know how I feel, so words aren’t necessary and for that I am thankful!

Josh & Anye– meeting the two of you was one of the highlights of our professional career.  Thank you for making the shower extra special, your gift, your friendship and your inspiration!  Isaiah and I admire you for so long from afar, what a true treasure it is to call you our friends!  We love you!

(my dear friend)  Karen, who not only surprised me by her visit but put her heart into every detail concerning Wisdom’s special day and made it absolutely unique and beautiful!  Thank you for working with Melinda (unbeknown to me) and making this one of the most special days of my life.  I love you!  Thank you also for the amazing details shots!

Linh– thank you for your talent and for your gorgeous aesthetic touches to the amazing day!

Clemence, Kitty, Junko & Fahren– Thank you for putting your heart and hands into the amazing food and drinks that day- your contributions made all the difference

Molly– for being the best MC and party host a girl could dream of.

Paula– for the gift of flowers that will remain in vases as a part of Wisdom’s room decor and the gift of your friendship!  Your talent is uncanny and I am thankful that I get to do life with you in such a way!

May– for the beautiful monogram and all the beautiful aesthetic touches to tie the theme together!

Thank you also to: Taressa, Jacqui, Dawnet, Brandon, Stephanie, Catrena, Nyzhe, Matt, Josh, Susan, David, Becky, Kristal  C., Anna, Mike, Crystal, Annie, William, Darrius, Lyric and Takisha for contributing and/or working so hard on my behalf behind the scenes.  I will never forget all of you and am so thankful for your giving hearts!

The Gehrke’s for graciously opening up their home to transforming into a secret garden, all for a little old baby shower! I love you and I am so thankful that no idea was too big and that you allowed Melinda and Karen’s imagination to run away from them on my behalf!

Lastly, thank you to an amazing husband, Isaiah, who got me knocked up and has given me some of the greatest gifts of my lifetime, a husband, a supporter, a name to be proud of,  something to laugh about.  Who has, without complaining, jumped on every train with me, has often stood in the background so that I can shine, who never really ever says “no”, who rolls with the punches, who has made me a family and given me Wisdom. I love you!  Happy 5 year Anniversary!

Sorry for the very long-winded blog, but some things must not be rushed!  Thanks for sticking by us!



Pictures of the details provided by Karen Stott of Karen & Isaac Stott Weddings

Video below by Isaiah, his interpretation and recap of the day:

Pictures & Slideshow by the talented Joshua & Anye Frith of Joshua Dwain Photography (Brooklyn, NY):