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Junko, a bump session. {Tacoma Portrait Photographer, Tacoma WA}


I am almost positive that 2012, among many other things, was significant because of the rebirth of the “Baby Boom.”  I easily can count 20+ people I know who were pregnant before me, with me or after me, of which 5 of them were in my family (5 cousins, 5 NEW baby girls).  In addition to some really cool slumber and dress up parties with 1st and 2nd cousins – I had the joy of walking this journey with a few of my friends too, Junko who just happens to be one of them.
When I found out Junko was pregnant, I think I screamed, jumped and smiled harder then I did when I found out about my Wisdom.  Motherhood was a desire of Junko’s heart that she had been waiting so patiently for.  If you know Junko at all, you know that she is a giver.  That she loves God with all of her heart, that she loves people and that she is the true definition of a servant.  If you know Junko, you know that she is nurturing and kind, lovely from the inside out, the definition of a commited wife and would be the most brilliant mother!  I was excited to find out that my walk to motherwood would be down a path with a friend – and its been a joy sharing this journey with her.  Its very obvious that this blog post is late.  Junko had her son exactly 8 weeks to the day after Wisdom was born (August 31st).  Enzo Zion made his mark on the world Oct 31, 2012 & we had the honor of taking his newborn pictures! I look forward to sharing those soon (late but never too late to share such joy!).

Congrats Junko and Ivan on beautiful Enzo!