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Wisdom. Just for fun. VSCO. {Tacoma Portrait Photographer, Tacoma, WA}


Wisdom is on the move & giving me a complete run for my money.  She is learning how to crawl, which at the current moment looks a little bit like a exasperated breast stroke into the carpet with many, many breaks to breathe in between.  Can’t be easy trying to drag a 23lb body across the room at 7 months.  Its crazy how quickly the time has gone. I remember last week we were napping on the couch beneath our living room window bathed in sunlight.  She had a simple routine which included: eating, sleeping, diaper changes and cooing every once in a while – on some special days we got half smiles while she dozed in and out of sleep.  Fast forward 7 months and we have a child who jumps and dances and sings, and swims into the carpet frequently. She has discovered the amazing sound her mouth can make, that she can rub her lips together and make the “zzzzzzzzzzz” sound and that we become captivated as she drenches us with her spit.  She has a little opinion now and prefer bananas over peas, nursing over bottles and “Dinosaur Train” over “Curious George.”  She is full of joy and laughter, wakes us up every morning with her songs and immediately gets excited when she recognizes special voices on the phone (her most favorite her G’ma & her Aunt MM).  Its been a wild ride with this sweet girl, one that I am thankful I get to get on every day.
Sunday morning as we lounged around, hungover from a wedding the previous day before (not from alcohol) I pulled out the camera and Wisdom and I danced!

Below a few shots from our 20 minutes session.

Its been so fun experiementing with different editing styles for our personal projects.  Below, images edited with VSCO LR Presets.