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Andrea & Corey are getting married! {Tacoma Wedding Photographer, Tacoma, WA}


This post is so special to me because it highlights one of my oldest friends.  I met Andrea in freshman English, 13 years ago.  We have been friends since.  We cheered together, did college together, entered the working world together and now get to finally share our family’s together.   She is the first wedding ever that we get to shoot that features someone who has known us before photography and its such a honor to be the one to capture her special day.  Andrea has been such a solid friend and a beautiful example to me of hard work and dedication over the years!  She has inspired and motivated me to go for the things I love and to stick with it until the goal is accomplish! I am thrilled that she has found someone to love and that loves her so much and we are excited to watch their love blossom!
We spent one Saturday afternoon in Downtown Tacoma, hanging as friends and snapping pictures along the way- below a few for your enjoyment!

Congrats Corey and Andrea….  August is right around the corner!  Love you guys!