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The Pearson’s (Tacoma Family Portrait Photographer, Tacoma, WA}



Meet Kacey.
She may be familiar to you, maybe not.

About 5 years ago was the first time I came in contact with her work, you can check it out here.

Kacey single handedly made me fall in love with photography.

I was new to shooting, it had been 3 months and I was desperate for a mentor, someone to shine some light on the what and the why’s of photography.  A friend mentioned a photographer she knew that was sister’s to her pastor down in Southern, California.

For weeks, I would go on Kacey’s blog and draft emails asking her to mentor me, terribly scared, but desperate to learn.

Finally, I pulled the trigger.  You can read about that here

Fast foward five year, this girl has become one of my dearest friends, confidants, partners in this photography and life walk.  She is beautiful and cherished and she still makes me fall in love with photography every time I see her work!

All of our promo pictures all over our website and blog, YES, Kacey.  She’s so incredibly talented AND STILL to this day, no one does it for me like she does.

When Kacey hired me to take her family photos, I nearly died.  When someone you admire so much, feels that your work is enough that they want YOU to photograph them, well…..

Check out these fun family photos taken in the desert of Arizona!

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