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The Poterson Family { Tacoma Family Portrait Photographer} Tacoma, WA



This is our gorgeous friend Stacey.  Stacey is an incredible owner and photographer behind Arizona based Stacey Poterson Photography and has an bsolutely beautiful family.  I met Stacey 5 years ago over a blog.  She modeled for my friend Kacey, before Kacey was really my friend. I remember seeing pictures of her and her husband and thinking what a beautiful couple they made.  As time went on, I came to realize and discover that Stacey was also a photographer and that she shared not only the same love for senior photography that I did, but also so many mutual friends.  We quickly became friends on the internet and quietly supported each other.  Two years in we finally met, and every time we go to Phoenix we make sure to see her.  I was thrilled as we prepped for BLINK when she asked us to shoot her family.  Who could pass on the opportunity to do that?  Look at them?  I am so thankful for Stacey, her heart.  She is one of the most encouraging and supportive people I have met in the community and I am so thrilled to call her my friend.
Naturally, a family session wouldn’t be one if Wisdom didn’t hop in.  So we let her.   As we always do.  Love seeing our kiddos together!

Thank you so much Stacey for trusting us to capture your gorgeous gorgeous picture perfect family!

Love you girl!

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