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NAPCP Retreat for Photographers, Atlanta, GA


Last month I had the opportunity to travel to Atlanta Georgia to speak at the National Association of Professional Children Photographers (NAPCP) Retreat.

Prior to being invited, I had never even heard of the organization and had no idea they even existed, but you guys the work that this group is doing to equip photographers is something to be admired.  While there, I could see so much of the same heart that Ike and I share for our community just poured into every activity, every detail, every word that these leaders spoke over their community and my heart absolutely burst.  They love their people and they are doing it right for portrait photographers!  Truly. 

While there, I wrote these words on Instagram:

I never want to get used to this.

I never want to get so comfortable that I expect it.

Every time I get an invitation to share, to show up, to give what I have had the privilege to learn on this adventure called photography I love, I want it to be like its the first time.

I remember wanting this for so long… Wanting what I thought was an opportunity to be on a stage to shine. God quickly, and when I say quickly, I mean quickly showed me that until I realized that my gifts had nothing to do with my own strength or even my own wants, that that would never happen.

Now when I’m invited to speak, I am humbled that someone would think enough of me or Ike and I to want us to share their platform. Hosting an event of my own – I know the thoughts, the concerns and the risk you take reaching out and inviting speakers and I also know what a privilege it is to hold a mic and to impart into the lives of people who are taking their hard earned money and trusting you have something that will work for them.

I never want to take that for granted.

It truly is such a privilege to be able to share with people who are desperate for change in their business, hungry for someone to come with the answer that might shift their business and take it to the next level.  Gosh, we have been there and we can absolutely pin point those moments that made catastrophic differences for our business.  The connections, the simple words spoken, the innovative programs that honestly changed our lives.  You can’t count pay for those type of life changing shifts. 

I went to NAPCP to share and to give and had no idea the different it would make for positioning my business.  As I reflect on that time, I am realizing that I needed to be in the room too!  I made connections and learned life lessons that were pivotal for my business!  SO humbled to have had the opportunity to share and recommend this retreat to any portrait photographer looking for a place to grow and build community!

While at conference, my dear friends and colleagues, who worked on the Senior Track of the conference with me, collaborated on a fun Valentine’s Day inspired stylized shoot for the attendees.  

Note: I promise there wasn’t favoritism happening!  I just never go the other models – so you go with what you can in a shoot out situation. 

Being with Sara Lane, Dan Brouillette and Amanda Holloway for the week was such a treat as they are all so super talented and fun.

Sara shares so many of the same values and vision for her business as Ike and I do, and Dan is one of the smartest and talented and funny photographers in this industry, and then there’s Amanda. So many incredible things to say about Amanda.  Of course she is a cherished friend, but the way this women’s mind works when it comes to business, is really something to seek after.  It was so fun being with my friends all week long and being able to play.

It’s rare to have pictures of myself on the other side of the camera- so I really appreciate seeing these images of me at work!


Shout out to Willy Wilson and Mary Pingoy for the images of us at work!