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Senior Photographers: Work with us for $600 for one year






For YEARS we have been begged to offer more intensive levels of mentoring and coaching. For YEARS we have longed to share our hearts with ya’ll on a deeper level.

Finally the time has come that we have been able to create something super special for you, our business soulmate.

One thing that is a huge part of our heart is community- we value it deeply. We live and breathe it- we want to model it and most importantly, we want to help YOU build your very own community within your marketplace and help you grow your own profitable business.

As much as we love teaching at conferences and offering workshops, we have discovered that there is so much more personal interaction that is needed for most.

In addition, it isn’t always easy for everyone to be able to afford to get away for a weekend and shut down their own businesses to learn how to grow their business.

We have been offering one on one consulting which you can hire us for $350 for an hour which we absolutely LOVE doing as those power hour strategy sessions serve as a great guide as they always produce results that make that $350 investment worthwhile.

But again, not the best option for every situation as not everyone’s needs can be wrapped up in a single hour and in some cases, many can’t afford to hire us for mentoring for several hours every month over the course of a year.

We get that.

We’ve been in the same place in our own business and we understand the need for access to mentors over a longer period of time and not just having open-ended mentoring but a clear path of strategy to keep moving forward where we know what’s the next step is and what’s the bigger picture that we are working towards.

We’re pretty jazzed about our solution to this need and we totally hear you and see you.


YOU are on our hearts BIG TIME.

You want details right?


Here’s how this works:

This 12 month group coaching we call The Inner Circle.

Every other month we create a product- ebook, videos, worksheets, etc. and we deliver them to you – 6 total courses over the 12 months on the topics of marketing calendars for seniors and senior reps, how to find and pick your reps, how to use social media to attract the senior crowd (including Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat & Twitter- our personal favorites!), how to build community and our step by step workflow from client inquiry to order delivery. 

We’re also partnering with Alicia Caine and her #1 pricing guide in the photography industry and creating a senior version of Easy as Pie pricing!

Wait. But that’s not all! (Did anyone else just see a cheesy yellow flashing graphic??)

In addition to these products, you will also receive an exclusive and private Facebook community where Ike & I will be showing up twice a month for an intensive Q&A hour chat with everyone in the community where we can offer you all the A’s to your Q’s on that month’s projects.

We know that not everyone knows all the questions to ask and so these Q&A hours are going to be incredibly powerful to your business because someone asks a question and you’re given an answer that you didn’t even know to ask.

You also get the chance to have your problem solved working within a community of varying levels of experience who all have something amazing to offer as well as the experience of Ike & I as well. So much goodness is going to take place here.

If you’ve been a part of our communities before, you know that we gather some seriously epic souls. You’re one of them!

The 6 products we’re developing to release online, you get first access to being in the Inner Circle and they will retail for over $1K.

Because we value you and we want to serve more people like you, YOUR feedback will help us develop each of these products to best serve your needs and you get both the Inner Circle version of each course & product, but you will also receive the final version that we will be releasing to our online community as well.

We don’t want to create something that we think is great, we want to know firsthand that what we have is making a difference and we want you to be a part of that process.

Here are the topics that we will be covering 

  • Marketing Calendar for seniors – March 1
  • Marketing Calendar for senior reps- May 1
  • Easy as Pie™ pricing for seniors – July 1
  • How to find and pick your senior reps- September 1
  • Utilizing social media for your reps and attracting new clients – October 1
  • Client workflow checklist: From inquiry to delivery December 1


So that’s the Inner Circle!

We’re also offering a more intimate and private group called the Mastermind which is an even higher level of mentoring & coaching which includes two additional days per month of Q&A hours, a separate Facebook community for the higher level group to work together and relationship build and offer support and accountability.

The mastermind group still receives all that the Inner Circle does but additional goodies as well including: a $200 discount to the 2017 Blink Conference, an invitation to a private retreat & shoot-out exclusive to the Mastermind group which will be held in February 3rd & 4th 2017, a one-hour coaching call with Ike & Tash (worth $350) and a one hour coaching call with Alicia Caine of Profit First Photography.



Which one is best for you?

*If you’re just starting out in Senior Photography and it’s just not taking off fast enough for you or you feel completely lost on where to begin and your marketing just hasn’t been doing what you need it to…..the Inner Circle is for you.

The Inner Circle will give you a clear step by step strategy on having a powerful marketing message, method of implementation, profitable pricing for your marketplace and earning needs, AND have all of those pieces working together like a well-oiled machine.

*If you’ve been doing Senior Photography for a while and you’re ready to take your business to the next level and implement more strategy and set your brand apart in an intentional and strategic way by working with …..the Mastermind is for you.

The Mastermind will help you confidently grow your senior business by being challenged to go outside the box, invest in your community and effectively market yourself. The smaller community will also allow you to build more intimate relationships where you can all support and encourage one another with a higher level of feedback and more experience that you can learn from.

Whatever option that you choose, we can’t wait to get started working with you.

The Inner Circle and Mastermind startED March 1st! If you missed enrollment, get your name on our email list to be notified when we’ll be releasing the Senior business building courses and tools Spring 2016! 


Ike and Tash
P.S. Have a question about the groups, just email us at getcaredfor@ikeandtash.com and we’ll make sure that we answer your question ASAP!