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Calling All Senior Photographers ready for a Change??!


Are you feeling like you want to do more? 

Do you know there is so much more to your business then just taking pretty pictures?!

I can’t tell you how much I empathize with you!

When we first started our photography business, I knew that seniors were were we wanted to be, but struggled so much with finding them.  Once we found them, and had them, didn’t have a clue on how to connect with and keep them engaged. 

I think we can all agree that the teenagers we serve live a life that varies from the one we did growing up.  Technology and social media has reigned supreme and in some way taken the place of community, connection and developing deep relationships that are real and meaningful.

When young people live life through social media they develop false reality of life, comparing themselves to people and situations that aren’t always real, have shallow relationships with their peers, could possibly lack supportive relationships with caring adults outside of the home and really be desperate for true connection.

As senior photographers, we are constantly in front of high school seniors providing a service, but what if we could engage them outside of just the pictures?

What if the community we build with our seniors became the built in peer group our seniors needed? 

Imagine if you could create a “space” for your young people to find support, encouragement from their peers, to give back to their communities and be pushed to the next level by another set of caring adults who partner with their parents to love, care and support them?

Ike and I are inviting you to join us on a journey of turning your senior business into a mission minded and focused business that serves young people intentionally while building your brand, your client base and creating longevity, loyalty and commitment.

Next week, on Monday the 15th, we’ll be sending you more details about this opportunity to work with us for an entire year building your senior photography business!

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We have been seeing the hearts of photographers first hand who want to sell more than just pretty pictures and be treated as a commodity and we’re ready to teach intensively exactly step by step how you can create a business that makes a lasting impact while building profitability.


Most importantly, we want to help you build a business that makes massive impacts in the lives of those that are drawn to your brand.  

When young people love you, they love everything you stand for and not only become extensions of your brand, but disciples of it.

You know the why, we’re going to bring the HOW.

See you in your inboxes next Monday!


Ike and Tash


Here’s what a few of our seniors have to say about working with us:

“I love being surrounded by girls who have similar goals/ intentions as me. Ive felt welcomed here since day one, that’s why I continue to come back.” – Polly,  Class of 2017 Applicant who didn’t make the street team on Sunday Dinners

“I have never felt so comfortable in a home that wasn’t mine.”- Unknown

“Ike and Tash is one of the best things to ever happen to me.  The amount of love I feel is unreal.  These girls have become my family and I love them with all of my heart.  I’m so excited for next year, carpooling down from college to come hang with my street team family.” – Payton, Class of 2016 Street Team Member

“Feeling wanted and welcomed even if I didn’t make it on the street team is why I still continue to come around”- Class of 2017 Applicant

“Street Team has been the highlight of my senior year.   It is an amazing feeling to know that I have a group of people who love and support me so much.  Ike and Tash are not my photographers, they are my family and I am so extremely grateful to have gotten to know sixteen amazing girls because of them.”- Class of 2016 Street Team Member