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Meet Megan Baca. Storyteller | Wanderlust | Self-Discovery


The internet is so special.  The world is so big, yet it makes it so small and you can easily connect with and fan girl people who share your same interest and become “friends” in virtually no time.

I became aware of Megan a little over a year ago, when Instagram stalking led me from one page to the next until I stumbled upon her.  Her feed.  Her stories.

Megan is a blogger, or a micro blogger, or a blogger… To be honest, I am not sure.  But her storytelling is so incredible, that whether she has a blog or not, I never have to leave Instagram to know what she is thinking, to hear the heart behind the things that matter most to her, to be compelled to want more out of my life and to give more to others.

Megan is a mother of two precious little girls and the wife to a man she met when she was just 14 years old. 

For the last year, Megan and I have “gotten to know” each other online.   We have made plans to meet in person, and although only a good 45 minute – 1 hour drive apart, those plans never have flourished into much UNTIL one day a mutual friend came to town for a workshop and our paths FINALLY collided.

Megan and I share a lot of similar attributes, we both are passionate about people.  We both are painfully creative.   We both want God’s best for our lives and the people we love.  We both feel deeply and want to use our gifts to highlight God’s complete commitment and devotion for our lives. 


During our session, I also discovered we both have a love for grit and NEED the thrill of a big city.  We both agreed that if we didn’t live in the Pacific Northwest and with ample amounts of money we would pack up our bags and move to New York City.   Megan growing up in Alaska and spending a few years in Redding at Bethel, knows that big cities are her things and that her heart beats for them.  I definitely can relate.  

For so many months I have been feeling like I want to show more in our work.  More life, more emotion, more connection, more intention.  I want to start fresh and new and get back to the things that made me fall in love with photography in the first place.  With a little help from my friends, Christina Ramirez on color theory and color palettes, and Spanki Mills on making connections and emotions, I am finally starting to shoot things that I love again and can be proud of.

I asked Megan to do this shoot with me for fun and I am just thrilled about the story I got to tell.  Their story.  The story of their love, of their life, of who they are today, right now.  That is what great story tellers do – and I want to write amazing ones!

Megan – thank you for allowing me into your family’s life last evening and I hope these images tell your story in truth!

To connect with Megan – follow her on Instagram over @discoverdiaries