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Our WPPI 2013 Recap {Tacoma Wedding & Portrait Photographers, Tacoma, WA}

WPPI for us means going to THE biggest photography convention in the world. I’m talking tens of thousands of attendees and being that we like to do things big, it just fits right in to what we are all about.
But it’s not just about that, for us,  its also about meeting new friends and connecting with old ones, being inspired and pushed to take our work and business to the next level,  finding out what new products are out there and how they can make us better for our customers, and,  last but not least, getting to meet and take pictures with our photography heroes… I mean where else can I take a pics and party with with Jerry Gihonis, Peter Hurley, Bob and Dawn Davis, Tim King, Zach and Jody Gray, Mathew Jordan Smith, and Jason Groupp in one place, and that’s just a Monday. Oh and did I mention its in Vegas??!  Just one more element that makes up the craziness that is WPPI.
This year so many amazing things happend to us while there! I would love to go into to details, but its so much that it deserves its own blog post. So I’ll keep this post about the photos.
This year the conference was held at the MGM Grand Convention Center March 7th – 14th. We decided to go the 9th – 13th. Now normally I take my camera with me everywhere during the conference and record video clips to later put together into a video montage, but this year I decided to take a different approach and work on my photojournalism skills. So instead,  I just took pictures to put together in a slideshow for your enjoyment. Hopefully I did a good job of telling the story of our time there and giving you a feel for what it’s like to be at such an event and if you haven’t been, please make plans to attend next year. The dates are already set for Feb 27th – March 6th.
I get that it may not be for everybody. But its something I personally feel anybody serious about being a part of the industry should attend at least once.
So until next year. Enjoy the photos and check out our videos from the last two years.

The WPPI 2013 Photo Recap!
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