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Nyoka. Triple Door: March 31, 2013, Seattle WA {Tacoma Portrait & Concert Photographer, Tacoma, WA}


You ever just been proud of a friend?  That’s how I feel in this moment as I write this post. I am proud of my friend.  For NOT quitting.  For believing.  For going after her dream.  As I blog…. I am contemplating on the moment we met, the long journey of our friendship – the up and downs and the life moments we have had the joy of sharing and it brings me such pleasure to see her come into her dreams.  To embrace them fully, irregardless of whether anyone agreed, or understood or supported.  All of that vision and hard work came colliding together as she opened her first show in one of Seattle’s most incredible music venues, Triple Door, for ABC’s Season 3 “The Voice” contestant Mycle Wastman.
As I listened to my friend perform, I grinned from ear to ear.  She sounded soooo good and looks so comfortable singing music that matter to her, that resonated with her, that was completely perfect and delivered a message of hope and love and discovery!

I am so thrilled for my friend and so excited to follow her journey!

You can join me as I support her by following her in one of these places:

Facebook: facebook.com/nyokamusic

Twitter: @nyokamusic

IG: nyokamusic

Youtube: nyokamusicofficial

She has so much more to share and EVEN more to say!  I am excited to hear all of it.

While there, we got to hear the smooth smooth sound of Mycle Wastman.  We hadn’t heard of him before the show, because we really only watch ABC to follow “Scandal,”  but the man can sing and his music is amazing!  We are excited to explore his musc and get to know a little more about the music behind the man!

Nyoka, we are so excited for you!  We celebrate you and wish you the VERY best on this next journey in your life!  We love you and we are so proud!!!

– XO