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Emma, gorgeous Emma!    What a joy it was to get to know her.  Emma is a Running Start student, which means she is attending high school and working toward her AA degree, while also finishing up high school, as a kick start to college.   She aspires to be a esthetician and is on track […]

Meet Mackenzie, a 2018 Sumner High School senior and our very first senior of 2018! Mackenzie is a doll and the little sister of a former Ike and Tash senior!  We were so thrilled and honored when she called and so super excited to open our senior season with her session. A cheerleader, Nordstrom Fashion […]

It has been almost 7 years since we started our senior model program, more affectionally referred to as the ‘Ike and Tash Street Team.”  When we first started our rep program it was to create a link to the high schools and to high school seniors so that we could grow our business and become […]

10 Tips to Master Your Senior Year By Olivia Louise In honour of the school year starting (if it hasn’t already) I decided to give you “10 Tips to Senior Year.”  So I took it upon myself to chat with a few of my lovely friends and here is what we collectively came up together; […]

Can we talk about how beautiful this girl is??  Like can’t you see the joy of life just pouring out from all over her? We absolutely LOVED photographing Victoria!  She legitimately full of life and zeal and such an absolute blessing to be around.  We laughed through every session and talked about all the things […]

I am so thankful for Kyla.  Not only is she a beautiful senior in the class of 2013, she is also a very talented photographer.  Check out her work here.  I met Kyla 3 years ago at WPPI  while hanging with her mom, a dear photographer friend of mine, Elise.  Kyla instantly became someone special […]

Recently Isaiah and I headed to Houston to hang with our dear friend Amanda Holloway of Amanda Holloway Photography.  While in Houston, we got a chance to talk, collaborate and plan some fun projects for the future.  While we were working hard on business, we decided to do a little shooting too!  Below a few […]

and now for the 2012 LHP Street Team!!! first up, Melina!  Melina is so beautiful + is a soon to be high school senior at Clover Park High School, here in the Tacoma surrounding area.  Isaiah and I have had the priviledge of knowing Melina for a while- so we were thrilled when our team […]

We are so excited to be launching into a new adventure at LHP with our Senior Street Team project, similar to senior models or reps, we have decided to join the ranks by picking 12 amazing young people to represent us AND who we could represent for the next year as we move forward in […]

Its been a while since I’ve had to pick someone for a team.  Do you remember those days- where your teacher let you be the one to pick the chooser for “Heads Up 7 Up” or being the person who gets to captain the team for kickball picking the strongest players to help you win […]

Aubreeana is SUCH a doll and was such a blast to shoot.  A current high school senior Aubreeana represents to me all that I loved about high school; fashion, laughter, sports, dancing, friendship and cheerleading (can’t wait to show you A & Isaiah’s dance off)!  When Aubreeana called me I was stoked to hear that […]

What happens when the thing you never thought would happen does? What happens when you unexpectedly get sick? What happens when someone you love falls ill or even worse dies? What happens when a natural disaster hits and destroys everything you've worked so hard to build? What happens when you become ill or paralyzed and are unable to run your business? What happens when you find yourself in a global pandemic and you're unable to work for months at a time? What are you going to do?

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When we first started shooting, we couldn't afford many of the opportunities and workshops that were available for newbie photographers to learn and grow, so we really utilized the free communities online and locally to building relationships and to learn the trade. It was those years that shaped who we are as people in this industry and have helped us to value the journey.

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