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By Kacey Luvi When I first started a photography business 10 years ago, I was a poor, single grad school student with very few bills, very little responsibility and a TON of time on my hands. When an inquiry would come in for photos, I would nearly let the client completely dictate when their session […]

There is literally nothing better for the creative’s soul then being getting out and being creative.  It’s something that we often forget to do, but it brings so much clarity focus and reignited passion for the work. When my friends Christina, Spanki and True invited me to be a part of a collaborative to put […]

Are you using the amazing marketing tool that is completely and 100% controlled and owned by YOU? If not, I highly (emphasis on highly) suggest you add this to your “do it now for the success of my business” list because it’s the single most important thing you can add to your marketing success. Especially […]

Of all the things we have been able to do with our business, the things we love most always surround the work we do with the young people who cross our paths. As photographers, particularly senior photographers, we have such an amazing opportunity to give back.  To make connections, get to know our young people, come […]

  How to run a successful business and still be a supermom for your family by Brooke Daniels  The topic I get asked the most about from other photographers isn’t actually about photography at all. Maybe it’s because it’s the topic I’m the most passionate about, or because it’s the one common thread that all […]

Recruiting seniors, What Not To Do. In hindsight, there’s always a list a mile long of things we wish we would of thought of, considered, look into when starting!  “If we had only thought about this, maybe we would be here?”  Do you ever feel like that? Early on, we knew we wanted to photograph […]

**INNER CIRCLE & MASTERMIND IS CURRENTLY CLOSED FOR ENROLLMENT** Missed enrollment? Have no fear! Get your name on the email list to be notified as soon as our senior business building tools and resources become available for purchase Spring 2016!    Subscribe to our mailing list Last week we FINALLY announced our new online year […]

    **UPDATE: THE INNER CIRCLE & MASTERMIND ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED FOR ENROLLMENT**   For YEARS we have been begged to offer more intensive levels of mentoring and coaching. For YEARS we have longed to share our hearts with ya’ll on a deeper level. Finally the time has come that we have been able to create […]

Are you feeling like you want to do more?  Do you know there is so much more to your business then just taking pretty pictures?! I can’t tell you how much I empathize with you! When we first started our photography business, I knew that seniors were were we wanted to be, but struggled so […]

Are you a senior photographer? Are you going to WPPI 2016? Wanna come hang with me and my crew? Join Christina Ramirez, True Moua of True Moua Photography and Spanki Gring Mills of Spanki Mills Photography for a senior shoot out at the incredible Nelson Ghost Town on Sunday, March 6th. If you have difficulties with posing, natural light and […]

Finally a conference you can go to in your PAJAMAS (without spending one penny)!! Are you ready to increase your bookings and profits for 2016?? Register FREE at – http://www.turnitupconference.com/ The TURN IT UP online conference is coming to YOU! It is all online and it is FREE!! Wedding & Portrait Photographers – Get Excited!! SHARE […]

Back in September, we were surprised with a trip to Atlanta by one of our favorite companies in the whole world ShootProof, to participate in a few fun interviews, photo shoots and gathering. While there, ShootProof graciously allowed us their platform to talk about how we feel about the industry and community.  Candid and honest […]

What happens when the thing you never thought would happen does? What happens when you unexpectedly get sick? What happens when someone you love falls ill or even worse dies? What happens when a natural disaster hits and destroys everything you've worked so hard to build? What happens when you become ill or paralyzed and are unable to run your business? What happens when you find yourself in a global pandemic and you're unable to work for months at a time? What are you going to do?

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When we first started shooting, we couldn't afford many of the opportunities and workshops that were available for newbie photographers to learn and grow, so we really utilized the free communities online and locally to building relationships and to learn the trade. It was those years that shaped who we are as people in this industry and have helped us to value the journey.

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