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Can we talk about how beautiful this girl is??  Like can’t you see the joy of life just pouring out from all over her? We absolutely LOVED photographing Victoria!  She legitimately full of life and zeal and such an absolute blessing to be around.  We laughed through every session and talked about all the things […]

Are you using the amazing marketing tool that is completely and 100% controlled and owned by YOU? If not, I highly (emphasis on highly) suggest you add this to your “do it now for the success of my business” list because it’s the single most important thing you can add to your marketing success. Especially […]

For so long I have hated everything I have taken a picture of.  I felt bored and rehearsed and uninspired.  I know this happens to creatives, and likely more often then we like to admit, especially when we turn our passion into profit and need it to survive.   Over time, it wasn’t the art […]

Had so much fun hanging out with this beautiful girl last week as she was one of our very first seniors of 2017! Zoie, besides being absolutely beautiful and low-key a Kylie Jenner look-a-like, loves soccer, her mama and her sweet boyfriend. Had so much fun getting to know Zoie and what makes her so […]

Of all the things we have been able to do with our business, the things we love most always surround the work we do with the young people who cross our paths. As photographers, particularly senior photographers, we have such an amazing opportunity to give back.  To make connections, get to know our young people, come […]

  How to run a successful business and still be a supermom for your family by Brooke Daniels  The topic I get asked the most about from other photographers isn’t actually about photography at all. Maybe it’s because it’s the topic I’m the most passionate about, or because it’s the one common thread that all […]

Meet the Hunich’s.  One of our favorite families.   We have known the Hunich’s since the beginning of our business.    They have seen us through many ebbs and flows of this dream.  And we have seen them through so many of their own.   We love this sweet family — but more than that, […]

The internet is so special.  The world is so big, yet it makes it so small and you can easily connect with and fan girl people who share your same interest and become “friends” in virtually no time. I became aware of Megan a little over a year ago, when Instagram stalking led me from […]

Recruiting seniors, What Not To Do. In hindsight, there’s always a list a mile long of things we wish we would of thought of, considered, look into when starting!  “If we had only thought about this, maybe we would be here?”  Do you ever feel like that? Early on, we knew we wanted to photograph […]

**INNER CIRCLE & MASTERMIND IS CURRENTLY CLOSED FOR ENROLLMENT** Missed enrollment? Have no fear! Get your name on the email list to be notified as soon as our senior business building tools and resources become available for purchase Spring 2016!    Subscribe to our mailing list Last week we FINALLY announced our new online year […]

Last month I had the opportunity to travel to Atlanta Georgia to speak at the National Association of Professional Children Photographers (NAPCP) Retreat. Prior to being invited, I had never even heard of the organization and had no idea they even existed, but you guys the work that this group is doing to equip photographers […]

    **UPDATE: THE INNER CIRCLE & MASTERMIND ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED FOR ENROLLMENT**   For YEARS we have been begged to offer more intensive levels of mentoring and coaching. For YEARS we have longed to share our hearts with ya’ll on a deeper level. Finally the time has come that we have been able to create […]

What happens when the thing you never thought would happen does? What happens when you unexpectedly get sick? What happens when someone you love falls ill or even worse dies? What happens when a natural disaster hits and destroys everything you've worked so hard to build? What happens when you become ill or paralyzed and are unable to run your business? What happens when you find yourself in a global pandemic and you're unable to work for months at a time? What are you going to do?

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When we first started shooting, we couldn't afford many of the opportunities and workshops that were available for newbie photographers to learn and grow, so we really utilized the free communities online and locally to building relationships and to learn the trade. It was those years that shaped who we are as people in this industry and have helped us to value the journey.

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