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and meet the first fella of the 2012 LHP Street Team, Willie! Isaiah and I really enjoy Willie and his cool ways.  Doesn’t he seem cool?  Just chill.  He’s quiet, but funny and we had such a blast running around the streets of his favorite city, Seattle.  We wanted to highlight all of the things […]

and now for the 2012 LHP Street Team!!! first up, Melina!  Melina is so beautiful + is a soon to be high school senior at Clover Park High School, here in the Tacoma surrounding area.  Isaiah and I have had the priviledge of knowing Melina for a while- so we were thrilled when our team […]

I had the joy of recently, well, if January is recently, snapping some tender moments of my cousin Jessica with her sweet son Micah in Tacoma’s well known centrally located Wright Park.  Normally, I would want my turn around time to be much quicker THEN this, but thankfully she’s my family and extended grace, and […]

Absolutely honored to call these guys our friends and brothers.  Got to shoot their new promo stuff last Sunday and it was amazing.  Tonight- they were on America’s Got Talent.  We are so proud…  peep the video to see if they are going to Vegas or not!! XO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKv8pDbdtkw&feature=player_embedded#at=181

I fall in love so easily.  It literally takes NOTHING to be my friend because I so love people.  That’s why my blogs are always the same, the same message.  “I had so much fun…” + “I love my (insert family/seniors/brides) or whatever it is I’m shooting that day.  “We have so much fun…”  I […]

You wanna talk about a couple so sweet they give you a toothache?! They’re names are Cesar and Priscilla and they are below!  We met Cesar and Priscilla earlier last year thru many mutual friends and they hired us to shoot their wedding.  From the instant we met- we knew we liked them and they […]

So looking forward to shooting Branden and Candy’s wedding later on in the summer!  We had an awesome time a few weeks ago running around Chambers Bay getting a feel for what it might be like on the wedding day!  The day was incredibly warm and the sun had changed so it was at its […]

Its Mobile Mondays and I love Mondays.  Monday to Monday from this week from last was awesome.  As I mentioned last Monday, Isaiah and I celebrated our birthdays and silly me to think the celebrating would end on Sunday.  We got the opportunity to indulge almost every day last week with dear friends and celebrate […]

We are so excited to be launching into a new adventure at LHP with our Senior Street Team project, similar to senior models or reps, we have decided to join the ranks by picking 12 amazing young people to represent us AND who we could represent for the next year as we move forward in […]

To have a sister, but then to have two and one be a twin??!  What a gift!  These girls called us to do something special for their mother for Mother’s Day + I am so grateful they did!  The laughter, the secrets, the giggles, the sisterhood.  They are so absolutely stunning + were such a […]

Its always so exciting to be a  part of a gift that someone decides to give to someone.  One of Isaiah’s co-workers wanted to get all of the grandchildren together in her family to put together a awesome session to gift their grandmother- although not all of the grandchildren were feeling the session the day […]

Greg + Andrea are getting married this winter in Hawaii & I am so excited for them!  They met while they were both working at the mall, one for T-Mobile and one for another cell phone provider.  Greg said Andrea was the only young lady working in both of their locations so it was easy […]

What happens when the thing you never thought would happen does? What happens when you unexpectedly get sick? What happens when someone you love falls ill or even worse dies? What happens when a natural disaster hits and destroys everything you've worked so hard to build? What happens when you become ill or paralyzed and are unable to run your business? What happens when you find yourself in a global pandemic and you're unable to work for months at a time? What are you going to do?

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When we first started shooting, we couldn't afford many of the opportunities and workshops that were available for newbie photographers to learn and grow, so we really utilized the free communities online and locally to building relationships and to learn the trade. It was those years that shaped who we are as people in this industry and have helped us to value the journey.

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